Dra. Lorraine Vazquez Vives



Obtained her bachelor’s degree in the University of Puerto Rico (1976). She began Medical Education in the University of Puerto Rico, School of Medicine in 1980.


She completed her Residency in Radiology, in the Department of Medicine and Surgery of the Veterans American Center in Puerto Rico (1981) and completed an Internship in the same Department.


Dra. Lorraine Vazquez, continued her post- graduate education in the University of Pennsylvania. At the university, she completed a visiting fellowship.


Dra. Vazquez is a member of the member of the American College of Radiology, American Roetgen Ray Society, Colegio de Médicos Cirujanos de Puerto Rico, Radiological Society of North America and the Society of Breast imaging.


Dra. Vazquez has the following honors and awards: Service Excellence Award DCH, Certificate of Proficiency Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Breast in the American College of Radiology and the Academic Excellence Award in the University of Puerto Rico.


At the present, Dra. Lorraine Vazquez is the Medical Director of the Department of Radiology and the Medical Institute of Woman in Doctors’ Center Hospital Inc.