HEALTH & WELLNESS NETWORK offers Cosmetic and Rehabilitation Dentistry (including dental implants), and Facial Aesthetic Surgery, and Cosmetic Plastic Surgery. This team of doctors includes graduates from highly recognized learning institutions along them some of the top Dental and Medical schools including Marquette University, New York University, University of Michigan, Case Western Reserve University, The College of the Holy Cross and the University of Puerto Rico.


HEALTH & WELLNESS NETWORK has beautiful state of the art facilities to offer top quality dental and medical procedures. This organization uniquely brings patients the experience to receive top most medical and dental  care, overlooked by US laws and regulations (Puerto Rico is part of the USA) in the setting of an idyllic Island that harbors exquisite world-class resorts, natural wonders and pristine beaches.


At HEALTH & WELLNESS NETWORK patients are certain to obtain exceptional medical and dental services using high quality materials at 40-60% lower rates than in the US.


HEALTH & WELLNESS NETWORK has treated patients from the main land for over 25 years.  Now, with the Puerto Rico’s Government support, our organization is building a Global brand reaching out to thousands of patients worldwide